Welcome to Tribe of Nature


Escape Modern Life…

Tribe of Nature offers you free guides and inspiration, on how to escape modern life and live more naturally. If you are tired of all the stress, diseases, superficiality, consumerism, bills and endless chores that comes with a modern lifestyle, this is the place to be.

Tribe of Nature will help you find inner peace, joy and true health, both mentally an physically, by guiding you towards a more natural lifestyle:
eating, moving and living more green, sustainable and naturally, and getting rid of all the “noise” in your life… bad relationships, clutter, chores you hate, too much work, the constant competition for more money… you know the drill.

Tribe of Nature is not a “lifestyle program”, there is no “know-it-all Guru” and we don’t have any “brand products” we want to sell. Just pure inspiration to you, for free.

We get our inspiration from Mother Nature herself, and all the green, inspiring people who are out there – and we pass this inspiration on to you. Then it’s all up to you, to take what you can use and leave the rest.

May Mother Nature be with you! :)